VINYL is a seasonal exploration of independent music, art, and culture. The magazine pushes boundaries in all meanings of the phrase, adapting each issue’s design to the aesthetic of the artist gracing its cover. VINYL covers pop culture in a new light, combining articles from all different genres and highlighting the tastemakers of the new generation.
The original issue of VINYL focuses on using Billie Eilish's signature neon green, combined with a muted navy to express a zine-like printing style. Billie Eilish's eclectic fashion choices are mirrored in the photographs and typographic treatment within her article, playing off the idea of capturing "teenage weirdness" in its truest sense.
primary cover and secondary cover
VINYL strives to make each issue feel as authentic as the cover stars themselves, while the Spring 2020 issue uses Billie's edgy green, the Summer 2020 issue uses Harry Styles' signature 'Fine Line' era pink.
masthead process
early process and type exploration

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